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We have opened a vintageTek web store located at www.vintageTek.org/zenczrt In addition to the publications we have been selling at the Museum, we are adding several exciting new publications (electronic format only). These include Stan Griffiths Classic Oscilloscopes: Selecting and Repairing a Classic. Stan wrote this book over a decade ago and it has remained popular with collectors. He donated the rights to his book to vintageTek some time ago, but we could not get a reasonable quote from any publisher for publishing a book again, because it had many photographs, almost one on every page. While we had previously published a text-only book, the quotation from publishers for Stan's book was $58 per copy, and we decided we couldn't make any money with that cost. Dave Brown has done a wonderful job of organizing our Store, which we are greatly indebted to him for his work. Dave also had the solution to publishing Stan's book electronically. Adobe Acrobat can encrypt ,pdf documents, requiring a password to open the document. We believe this will minimize piracy of Stan's book, since anyone the file is given to (or sold to) will require the original owners password to open the file. We are also, prohibiting the printing of the document, but we are enabling the clipboard copying of text, photos, and all content. In addition to Stan's book, we are releasing a republication of the Tektronix History book, The First 40 Years in the same .pdf format. We had received permission to reprint this book from Tek last year, and were unsure of how we could make any money publishing a second edition. Tek originally printed 50,000 copies, and sent them to Tek Employees and Retirees in 1986. All electronic copies sold will be fully searchable in .pdf with Adobe products. In addition the Museum will be selling non-Tek items donated, and some excess instruments Tek and non-Tek that are surplus. come visit our store at www.vintagetek.org/zencart .


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