The Tektronix Federal Credit Union was founded on January 14, 1952.  The charter application was signed by seven Tektronix employees and a deposit of $25.  We do not know who the seven members were.  This is the earliest Tek Talk we can find that has information on the credit union.  Note in only 3 months they had 100 members, $4,000 invested, and $5,000 in loans.

The following information on the Credit Union was taken from the 1956/1957 "You and Tektronix" employee handbook.

In 1961 the name was changed to Tektronix Employees Federal Credit Union.  By 1963 the Credit Union was located in downtown Beaverton as indicated on this campus map.

By 1967 the Credit Union had granted 29,903 loans totaling $23.5 million.  By the end of 1967 there were only 17 delinquent accounts totaling $4,894. By 1968 the credit union was located off campus in Building 03 (upper right) as shown on this map from the open house on September 29, 1968.

This 1975 map shows the credit union still in the same location (upper right).

In 1975 in Wilsonville, the credit union consisted of a Steelcase desk and a cash box in the drawer.  Later it moved to a respectable location at the intersection between Buildings 60 and 61.  Sometime after 1975 in Beaverton the credit union located back to the main campus replacing the cafeteria in Building 45.

In 1986 membership was opened to include employees in other technology companies and the name was changed to First Technology Credit Union.