Signal Path Walkthrough of a Solid State Shortwave Receiver

A Look at IF Signal in a Shortwave receiver

Monitoring a Ham Radio Transmitter Output with a Scope

Two-tone Test of a SSB Transmitter

Using a Scope to Examine the Behavior of a Microphone Preamp/EQ

Using a Scope to Characterize an RF Power Detector

Spectrum Analyzer Basics Featuring the Tek 1401A

Tektronix 1401A Demonstration


Alan Wolke, the author of these videos, is a Field Applications Engineer for Tektronix - a position he's held since 2006. Prior to joining Tektronix, he worked as an Analog Design Engineer, Applications Engineer, and Validation / Characterization Engineer for various companies, in fields ranging from high speed fiber-optics to hard-disk drive circuits. Alan's interest in electronics and instrumentation began in the late 1970's in High School, where he earned his first Amateur Radio license and worked part-time in a TV repair shop. Alan currently holds an Extra Class amateur radio license (W2AEW), and still enjoys tinkering with circuits and instrumentation in his basement lab.