vintageTEK has many opportunities for volunteers to contribute with a wide range of time requirements in either a one-time or on-going effort.  In fact, our opportunities are only limited by your imagination.  Come talk with us if you would like to volunteer or have ideas or new opportunities.  Our STEM, Social Media, and Web Store are our most critical needs but volunteering in any area greatly helps the museum.


Managing Director Museum STEM

The vintageTEK Museum would like to open the nomination process for a Managing Director of the vintageTEK STEM program. The purpose is to engage with middle schoolers and high schoolers to encourage the next generation of engineers.  The Managing Director is a volunteer position willing to define a strategy and implementation plan for the museum STEM program. Nominations for this position are now being accepted

Ed Sinclair  503-209-5894


Social Media Director for website

vintageTEK Museum is soliciting volunteers for social media "savvy"  individuals to assist us in positioning our efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.  The goal is to build awareness and traffic to our museum and website.  This position requires someone who knows how to set up our page, and communicate regularly with our followers.

Ed Sinclair  503-209-5894


Web Store Manager

The museum has received many oscilloscope donations, far too many to ever display, and sells some of these items nationwide buyers utilizing eBay and our web store.  We also sell books, DVD's, CD's of Technical Concept Books, etc. to help fund the museum.  Currently these two stores are staffed part time by two of our restoration engineers.

The store manager will be responsible for used instrument and product sales, promotion, inventory, and record keeping of items we choose to sell.  In addition, the store manager could prioritize products for restoration to be sold.

Send an email, or phone me to let me know of your interest in this volunteer position. We will consider splitting some web store responsibilities to be remotely managed but the inventory, packaging, and shipment has to be in Beaverton at the museum.

Ed Sinclair  503-209-5894


Other Volunteer Needs

Like to organize?  In our new space we have needs to organize and inventory.  Opportunities include our inventory of parts and products, our microfiche, and our photos.  We are only part of the way through scanning our negatives.  We have many films and videos and need someone to view and digitize the more interesting ones for the website.  Come contribute to the organization of the museum.

Like to write?  We would like to increase the frequency of our blogs.  Every day we have new discoveries into the history of Tektronix.  We need volunteers who would like to contribute to the blog for our community of followers.  We would also like to expand the website galleries with more products and items of interest.  We need authors to document our projects and restorations.  Come contribute to the virtual expansion of the museum.

Like to meet and talk with people?  We have needs for volunteers to staff our front desk and meet and greet our visitors.  We can even educate you on our display exhibits so you can give tours?  Come promote our face to our customers.

Like computers and technology?  We have needs to keep our IT infrastructure connected and robust.  We need to setup some of our computer systems including scanners and microfiche scanners after our move.  We need to organize and setup backups for our data.  We would like to offer some specific applications to enhance the museum experience.  Come support our museum operations.

Like vintage computers and technology?  We have a restored DEC PDP-11/34 and would like to organize some applications highlighting and demonstrating Tektronix products of the right era.  Likewise we have a DEC PDP-8E which is in need of restoration and we would like to setup a typical CAD design station using Tektronix equipment.  Come help recreate the past.

Like to use Tektronix equipment?  We have needs to organize and promote our Instrument Lending Library and our classroom equipment clusters.  Come help us support our community and schools.


Your Volunteer Ideas

Do you have an idea for how you would like to volunteer?  Contact us.  We'd love to listen.