We have a waveshape demonstration exhibit where visitors can explore the shapes of sound.  The exhibit consists of a 503 Oscilloscope, a Rodgers Organ synthesizer, a Eurorack modular synthesizer, a microphone, a guitar, a Theremini, and three organ pipes.

With the Rodgers Organ synthesizer you can visualize the sounds of different acoustic and electric instruments and what makes them bright or soft sounding.  You can use the keyboard to visualize resulting waveshapes with different frequency content.

The Eurorack synthesizer allows exploration of basic waveshapes - sine, triangle, ramp, and square, and the effects of filtering. This exhibit also gives students a hands-on experience to create and morph sounds. Our thanks to the following that made this possible:

TipTop Audio for donation of the rack frame, power supply, two voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs), and two voltage controlled filters (VCFs).
AI Synthesis for donation of the quad voltage controlled amplifiers (VCAs).
Doepfer for a generous discount on a Quad LFO and Inverting/Interrupting Mixer (not shown).
vintageTEK Volunteers for a donation of the MIDI interface, cables, and cabinet.

The microphone can be used to create and visualize your own sounds and you can visualize the sounds different objects make such as the organ pipes.

The guitar can be used to demonstrate wavelength vs. frequency and the musical scale.

The Moog Theremini has a number of different sounds, effects, and functions. With its note quantization, is easier to play than a traditional Theremin. This is always a hit with visitors of all ages.

Come in and give them a try.