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Tualatin Valley Cultural Arts Museums - neighboring museums in the Tualatin Valley (including vintageTEK)

Tektronix Related

Tek Retiree Volunteer Program - quarterly newsletters and other Tek reference information.

Tektronix RAMS eBay store - Tektronix surplus equipment and parts

TekWiki - information about older Tektronix equipment

Old Tek Scopes Facebook page - group for all Tektronix instrument information TekScopes - moderated group for all Tektronix instrument information

Tek Guernsey Facebook page - group for Guernsey related information

Tektronix Literature

Servicescopes October 1959 to September 1971 single 694 page PDF at

Tektronix catalogs and more various PDFs at

Sammlung Historische Messtechnik, Berlin German site with an extensive collection of Tektronix catalogs.

Web Museums

Museum Of Broadcast Technology - audio control, television cameras, tape systems, and related production equipment.

Museum of Old Tektronix Scopes - information on and images of Tektronix scopes up to about 1970.

The Wellekino - A Home Of Old Scopes And Test Equipment - German site of scopes and test equipment.

Technical Reference

Dennis Feucht was a summer intern at Tektronix from 1968 to 1972 and an employee for the next 13 years in product design and R&D groups. He has contributed a number of articles to EDN and Planet Analog. Here are a few of his Tektronix-related articles:


Dr. Hugo Holden's Electronics Page - A number of articles on electronics including these on Tektronix instruments:


Articles, Books, and Videos

What's All This T-Coil Stuff, Anyhow? - Electronic Design article

Oscilloscope Development, 1943-57 - Ryerson University by Peter D. Hiscocks (PDF)

The Cathode Ray Oscilloscope by J. Czech - 1957 book published as part of the Philips' Technical Library (PDF)

You Should Meet Melville Eastham by Chuck House - founder of General Radio with references and comparisons to Tektronix

Op-Amp Applications Handbook by Walt Jung (PDF)

HP Origins - A video story of Hewlett-Packard as told by HP employees over the years

4051 Related (including programs)

Facebook 4051 Basic

Github 4051 Basic Programs - Facebook 4051 programs

Archer Computer Services 4051 Information (not SSL) - 4051 photos and ROM images

Archer Computer Services 4051 Programs (not SSL) - 4051 programs