vintageTEK is adding many of its exhibits on-line for those that cannot visit the museum in person.  Click on the links below to view those exhibits.

Museum Floor Plan

Museum Photo Tour

Museum Video Tour
Several visitors to the museum have recorded and posted videos of their tour on YouTube

A Visit to the VintageTek Museum by youtuuba, ~60 minutes

Tektronix VintageTek Museum visit - STB59 by Shadowtron Blog, ~14 minutes

Photo Albums

Film and Video Exhibit

Tektronix First Products - Type 101 Video Calibrator & Type 511 Oscilloscope

50 Channel Oscilloscope

113 Delay Line

160 Series Instruments

200 Series Oscilloscopes

453 Oscilloscope

512 Oscilloscope

513 Oscilloscope

519 1 GHz Oscilloscope

945 Militarized Oscilloscope

4051 Graphic Desktop System

4100/4200 Series Graphic Terminals

7104 1 GHz Oscilloscope

7403N 50 MHz / 7603N 100 MHz Oscilloscopes

7912 Transient Waveform Digitizer

11301A Programmable Analog Oscilloscope

11403 Digitizing Oscilloscope

100,000 7A26 Plug-In

Automatic / Programmable Plug-ins

CAChe WorkSystem


Cam and Pushbutton Switches

Cathode-Ray Tubes

Ceramic Strips and Funnels

Clone Oscilloscopes

CRT Time Capsule

Curve Tracers

Dual Beam Oscilloscopes

DVST Graphic Terminals

Emmy Awards

Experimental Oscilloscope

Fiber Optic Readouts

Grass Valley Group Products

J15 Photometer

Knobless 2440 Oscilloscope

Lunchroom Chair

Medical Products

MO18 Miller Integrator IC Prototype

Oscilloscope Artist Demonstration

Oscilloscope Music Demonstration

Phaser 340 Color Printer


Rapid Scan Optical Spectrometer


Sony/Tek Products

Spectrum Analyzers

T7610 Electron Beam Analog To Digital Converter

Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)


Tek Labs PDP-11/34 Graphic Frame Buffer

Tektronix Scope Class


Television Products

TM500 Instruments

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

Traveling Exhibits

vintageTEK Demonstration Board

Waveshape Demonstration Exhibit