Tektronix first patent, 2752527, was awarded on June 26, 1956 to Richard L. Ropiquet for Method of Magnifying Waveforms on a CRT and Circuit Therefor.  vintageTEK has assembled a complete listing of all patents awarded to Tektronix up until 2010 organized several different ways.

This February 7, 1986 TekWeek article describes the number of patents and the inventor honor rolls.

This October 1987 TekWeek article describes the patent activity in FY800.

Patents recipients were recognized in different ways over the years. Initially, recipients were given a check from the company for $1.00.

Later an Inventor Recognition Banquet was held where the recipients were given a framed copy of their award letter and patent. Click on the image to view a higher resolution PDF.


Trade Secrets were also recognized as equivalent to a patent with their own award.


This patent plaque was likely from a 3rd party company and could be purchased by the inventor in recognition of their patent.


The Inventor Recognition Banquet evolved to a larger Technical Excellence Awards banquet and the patent recognition was changed to a leatherette portfolio with the award letter and patent.


vintageTEK compiled a spreadsheet of all the Tektronix US and Japan patents from 1956 through 2010.  Click on the links below to view the PDF.

1956-2010 Tektronix Patents lists patents in assigned order

1956-2010 Patents By Name lists number of patents organized by inventor

1956-2010 Patents By Number lists by inventor organized by number of patents

1956-2010 Japan Utility Model is a list of Japan inventions of which there is no corresponding US patent

1956-2010 Non-Tektronix Inventors lists patents with both Tektronix and non-Tektronix inventors