Tektronix made a number of educational films which were available on loan or purchase.  This brochure describes the films available in the 1961 to 1966 time frame.  Many of them are available to view on this page.  Click on the image to view the PDF.


This November 1962 TekTalk features an article about Frank Hood and Tektronix films.  Click on the image to view the PDF.


We also show many of the films and videos in this gallery continuously throughout the day on our wall mounted display behind our reception desk.


vintageTEK Museum

In honor of the 75th anniversary of Tektronix, the museum created a three part video slideshow tour on 75 of our exhibits.

Click here to go to the playlist on our YouTube channel.

Click here to view a PDF of the video slides.

Other vintageTEK videos include:

Scanning Microfiche

Microfiche Collection

vintageTEK Repair Videos

465B Eight Trace Capability

465 Mod UC


Tektronix has a page on their website devoted to highlighting Stories From Engineers. They chose to add both Nick's story of building an oscilloscope and Phil's story of mentoring (details of this project and their work together are on our Mentoring page).

Nick's story of building his oscilloscope  (Tektronix website)

Phil's story of his mentoring experience  (Tektronix website)


Two visitors to the museum have recorded and posted videos of their tour on YouTube

A Visit to the VintageTek Museum by youtuuba, ~60 minutes (YouTube website)

Tektronix VintageTek Museum visit - STB59 by Shadowtron Blog, ~14 minutes  (YouTube website)


Customer Films

There are a number of films by various companies highlighting some aspect of their research, development, manufacturing, service, or operations. While these films emphasize their contribution and success, they also highlight the equipment that enabled their success and Tektronix instruments feature prominently.

Enabling Customer Success links to these videos which are not hosted on this website.



Here's Tek - 1977

Howard Vollum Interviews

Howard Vollum Talks to Area Reps - 1977

Jack Murdock - A Life Well Lived

New Gen: Introduction of the 7000 Series - 1969

Q1 1998 Tektronix Quarterly Report

Sounds of Progress (about Fabrication and Molding capability)

Tektronix Nine Minute Tour - 1968

Tektronix Celebrates 50 Years - 1996

Tektronix 60th Celebration

The Tektronix Spirit 1996

This is Tektronix - 1979

What is Tekem? - 1963


Cathode-Ray Tubes

A Precision CRT - 1955

Building A Ceramic CRT - 1967

Tektronix CRT: A Look Back

The Cathode Ray Tube: Window To Electronics



An Introduction to Oscilloscopes and Transducers

Ceramic Strip Soldering - 1964

Circuit Boards: Design & Manufacturing - 1969

Fundamentals Of Oscilloscopes

Measurement Apps using Analog Scopes by Alan Wolke

Oscilloscope Educational Sampler

TCP/IP 102 (part 2)

Tektronix and vintageTEK - Spectrum Analyzers Then and Now

Tek & the World of Measurement - 1968

Tektronix Explains Analog Video Color - 1979

The Laboratory Scope: Time Base & Triggering - 1961

The Mixed Domain Oscilloscope by Alan Wolke

The Oscilloscope Draws a Graph

The Square Wave - 1961

Time and Quantity - 1962

Transmission Lines

Transresistance by Nelson Hibbs

TV Broadcast Operations

Typical Tek Circuits: Part 1 & 2 by Rodger Loop

Using Tektronix Analog Scopes by Alan Wolke




11301A and 11302A Oscilloscopes (short teasers)

11K Series Introduction

2200 Family Marketing Presentation

2467B "Bright Eye (tm)" Oscilloscope

3052 Digital Spectrum Analyzer 1988

492 and 496 Portable Spectrum Analyzers

4010 Demonstration

4014 Demonstration

4061 Line Editor Demo - June 1981

4081 Demonstration - 1976

7250 Digitizing Oscilloscope

EZ-TEK 2400 PC Solution

FEM181 System

Profile Pro Video Server

Serial Digital Seminar

T4005 Demonstration

Tektronix 11403 Digitizing Oscilloscope

Tektronix 11K Series Introduction

Tektronix On-Hold Telephone Commercials - March 1996

Tektronix Products

Testmate Product Line Presentation 

The Vectorscope: It's All About Color!


Sites and Locations

Building 55 Time Lapsed Construction

Grass Valley Group Services Sampler

Tek Park

Tektronix Guernsey - 1961

The Gold In Grass Valley

This is Grass Valley

Tek Herenveen (Dutch)

Tektronix Holland NV (Heerenveen Plant)




Professor Tom Lee Visits vintageTEK Museum

InfoAge Science & History Center Honors Howard Vollum

1989 Tektronix Masters,  Vail CO

Ask Mr. Wizard: The Oscilloscope

Creating a Demo of a 1930's RCA CRT

Howard Vollum Memorial Dedication - August 14, 1987

Leading Effective Discussions - 1973

Tektronix Flying Club

Tektronix Picnic - August 10, 1968