Tektronix equipment has been used in music.  Raymond Scott was an early electronic music pioneer.  In 1946 he formed Manhattan Research where he designed electronic music instruments and composed electronic music for a wide variety of uses.  This photo of his lab shows what appears to be a Tektronix 564 storage oscilloscope with a 2A63  300 KHz differential amplifier and a 2B67 timebase plug-in.  Both plug-ins were introduced in June 1962 and the 564 was introduced in June 1963.

This 1963 album by Marty Gold and his Orchestra, Sounds Unlimited, features a Tektronix RM503 scope for the album cover.  The Tektronix bug was removed from between the power switch and the pilot light.  It is not electronic music so the scope was chosen for some other reason.

While not specifically Tektronix oscilloscopes, the Oscilloscope Music website is worth checking out.  They have a demonstration album available in vinyl, mp3, and flac that draws interesting images on a scope in XY mode.  We have a demonstration exhibit of music in XY display at the museum.  By the way, the album cover requires red/blue 3D glasses to view properly.