These are stories, both new and old, written about Tektronix by employees.  Click on the links below to read their stories.

Tektronix, The Early Days, by Frank Hood

Hawthorne and Sunset 1949-1951, by Jack Day

The East Coast 1951-1954, by Jack Day

Back At The Plant 1954-1970, by Jack Day

My Early Tektronix Days, by John Kobbe

How The 500 Series Oscilloscopes Came Together, by John Kobbe

Oscilloscope Patents, by John Kobbe

Another Tek History, by Anonymous

A Granite 4025, by Dave Brown

A Melted Unicorn, by Dave Brown

The X544 - A Scope That Never Was, by Phil Crosby

Heerenveen News, by Gerrit de Vries and Aletta van Meurs

Tek Guernsey, by Dave Spinks

How It All Began, by D. G. C. Hare

Tek's Early Days, by Bill Webber

Tek History, by Genie Brink

Birth Of The Miniscope, by David Allen

A Chameleon Oscilloscope Career, by Bob Beville

The FC511 Story, by Phil Crosby

Tektronix Scanning Electron Microscope History, by Donald Chitwood

Remembering Tek Guernsey, by Les Horn

Tektronix Gets Into The Spectrum Analyzer Business: The Story Behind The Story, Behind The Story by Morris Engelson

Tektronix R7912 Programmable Transient Waveform Digitizer by Hale Farley

Tektronix Measurements of EMP from Nuclear Detonation by Hale Farley

The Almost Tektronix Digital Network Analyzer by Dave Squire

The 556 Story by Phil Crosby

Tek UK - The Early Days - 1963/1964 by Harry Sellers

T7610, ENOB, and IEEE by Dan Knierim

468 Stories by David Olson

The R7912 and SPS TEK Basic Software by Hale Farley

History of the 5000 Series Oscilloscopes by Ahne Oosterhof

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) Star Trek Exhibit by Bob Oblack

Ceramics Role in CRTs by Bill Gellatly

My Time At Tektronix Guernsey by Alan Richmond

Five Decades of Change by Bob Oblack

My Years AT Tektronix by Bruce Hofer

The Adventures of Mr. Blex by Bill Exley

Interview with David Bradshaw of Guernsey  This is a video from a Zoom call with a full transcription.

Anchorite Nevada Instrumentation Trailer  Transcript from an interview with Joe Burger