Tektronix products were featured in laboratory photos of  various company advertisements. This ad for Ampex appeared in the August 29, 1958 issue of Electronics and features a Type 545A with a CA plug-in


This ad for Burroughs appeared in the May 1960 issue of Electronics World and features a Type 545 oscilloscope with an A/B plug-in.


This ad for H. H. Scott appeared in the June 1960 issue of HiFi Stereo Review  and features either a 316 or 317 oscilloscope.


This ad for Harmon Kardon appeared in the January 1961 issue of Radio Electronics and features a 535A oscilloscope.


Magazines like Radio-Electronics featured a number of ads for home study courses in electronics. This ad for Capitol Radio Engineering Institute featured Mearl Martin Jr. who worked at Tektronix as a Field Support Manager. We believe Mearl joined the company in this position.

Here's a closeup of Mearl's caption and also two images from the second page of the ad.


This half of a two page ad for the Cleveland Institute features a 545A oscilloscope and CA plug-in, only backwards. They ran for quite a while in the late 1960s. This particular ad is from the June 1969 issue of Popular Electronics.


This ad for GE appeared in the August 2, 1973 issue of Electronics and features a 545 oscilloscope with a CA plug-in and a 134 current probe in channel B..


This ad for Ampex appeared in the December 25, 1975 issue of Electronics and features a 556 oscilloscope with a 1A4 and 1A1 plug-in.


This ad for Klipsch appeared in the June 1978 issue of High-Fidelity and features a 564 storage oscilloscope.


This is not an ad but rather the packaging for the German Commodore 64 computer. This case style indicates it was somewhere in the 1982 to 1986 era.

A larger version of the lower left image shows a 7603 oscilloscope with a 7A18 or 7A24, and  likely a 7B53A plug-in. On top is a TM503 with what appears to be early FG502 and FG504 plug-ins.