The museum has a number of DVST (direct view storage tube) graphic terminals on exhibit.  We regularly display "vintage" plot files and now have two interactive demonstrations. One is "Instant Art" where the user types in words or numbers and the computer generates a graphic display of vectors.


This young visitor to the museum is creating "instant art" using our demonstration program on the 4016 Computer Graphics Terminal.

The images created are intricate and fascinating and simply changing a letter or two change the graphics considerably.

This image is generated with the word "vintageTEK".


Our other demo program is "Cannon" which is a derivative of a two-player game called "Artillery" or "Shoot". This game was very popular to play on these terminals. The game consisted of drawing an uneven random terrain with a random wind direction and velocity and each player had to try and shoot the opposite target by entering an angle and velocity. Many kids grew up learning angles and velocity influenced by gravity and wind.  Our "Cannon" version is a simpler one-person program using only gravity.

Both young and old visitors to the museum enjoy these demonstration programs.