As we continue to work our way through our archive of photos, we run across some that are a bit out of the ordinary.  They may be humorous or unique but they stand out from the other photos. We will post new photos here monthly with the previous photos in the slideshow.

Our October 2021 Photo of the Month is taken from February in the 1964 Tekalendar which says "A Design Engineer evaluates a circuit for a new instrument."

The design engineer is George Frye as identified from his photo in the 1970 Photo Album.

He has quite an array of instruments on the bench. The two scopes on left are both Type 661s. They have 4S1 Dual trace sampling and 5T1A Timing unit plug-ins. The tape around the perimeter of the plug-in’s front plate probably means they were borrowed from manufacturing. The scope on the right is a 535A with a Type L plug-in.

Across the top, from left, there is a General Radio Oscillator, similar to a Model 1208C, a Heathkit regulated power supply, two Power Designs Inc. regulated power supplies, probably Model 4005, and what looks like a Tek custom multiple output regulated power supply used in manufacturing or in engineering which was not a product.




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