As we continue to work our way through our archive of photos, we run across some that are a bit out of the ordinary.  They may be humorous or unique but they stand out from the other photos. We will post new photos here monthly with the previous photos in the slideshow.

Our June 2022 Photo of the Month is from the 1964-1965 Tektronix Catalog. it is of the 502A Dual Beam oscilloscope used at Rodgers Organ in verification of an organ.

The 502A was introduced in 1963 as an upgrade to the 502 which was introduced in 1958. The 502A had 1 MHz bandwidth and was in production until 1973.

The Rodgers Organ Company was formed on April 30, 1958 by three former Tektronix employees - Rodgers Jenkins, Fred Tinker, and Bill Johnson. More information is on our Rodgers Organ Company page.





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