Vice-President Tektronix

Bill Webber's presentation to the Area Reps on 8/14/78. Topics covered were Tektronix History, the Area Rep System and the Tektronix lawsuit against the US Government for patent infringement.






Co-founder Tektronix

Jack Murdock's presentation to the Portland Chamber of Commerce in November of 1966. The majority of Jack's presentation focuses on the effects of automation on society.






Co-founder Tektronix

Howard Vollum's presentation to employees on December 22, 1958. Howard's presentation is about employee stock, the challenge ahead, and how the company will win.





Linda Brody of the Oregon Historical Society interviewed Howard Vollum on March 26 and April 14, 1980.

The Oregon Historical Society allows use of this Oral History Interview according to the following license:
Creative Commons - Attribution, Non-Commercial, ShareAlike (BY-NC-SA)

March 26, 1980 Oregon Historical Society Interview Side 1

March 26, 1980 Oregon Historical Society Interview Side 2

April 14, 1980 Oregon Historical Society Interview


Norm Winningstad 1996 interviews

The Oregon Historical Society revived the Oral History Program that had been so successful earlier. Norm agreed to be interviewed by Barbara Doyle. There were five 1 hour sessions over approximately eleven weeks held at Norm's home. The first 1.5 hours on tape 1 and half of tape 2 deals with his early life and his career at Tektronix. The full 5 hours of recordings are on the Pacific University's Digital Exhibits page [external website].

Tape 1


Tape 2


The Washington County Heritage Online (WCHO) site is a collaborative project that brings together historic images and documents from public and private institutions across Washington County, Oregon. Although mostly photographs, they do have audio recordings on their High Tech Collection page [external website].

These five ex-Tek employee recordings are part of the 20+ recordings in that collection and are located on the WCHO website

Bill Walker Part 1


Bill Walker Part 2


John Kobbe


Dave Squire


Pat Green


Tony Schmidt is the CFO at Rodgers Organ


Pat Tiedemann was a receptionist at the executive offices