Libraries are usually associated with books.  Wikipedia defines a library as "a collection of sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing."  The vintageTEK museum has a library of instruments that you can "check out" for your own projects and education.

To borrow instruments you must be an adult or student 10 years or older (minors need a parent or guardian's signature).  You also need to have an identified project or education purpose requiring these instruments and the necessary skills to use the instruments properly (if you don't have the skills, we would be happy to assist you).

Our basic instrument library consists of these instruments:

  • 15 MHz to 350 MHz Dual Channel Oscilloscopes with 10X probes
    (T922, 465, 475, and 485) ◊  Manuals are on Tekwiki (external site)
  • CDC250 175 MHz Counter  ◊  Manual
  • CDM250 Digital Multimeters (DMM)  ◊  Manual
  • DMM372 Handheld Digital Multimeter (DMM)
  • CFG250 2 MHz Function Generators  ◊  Manual
  • CMC251 1.3 GHz Frequency Counters  ◊  Manual
  • Pro-S-Lab Breadboard with Power Supply  ◊ Manual
  • Elenco XP-660 Triple Power Supply (older students only) ◊ Manual


You must fill out and sign our loan agreement in order to borrow instruments (and have a guardian sign if you are a minor).  Click on the image below to access the loan agreement.  You can fill it out prior to bringing it to the museum or we can provide a copy to fill out while at the museum.


Instrument Library Flyer (click to open)