We provide tours on request, many of which are on closed days.  Here are some photos from various tours.

Tektronix Sales training.

Leadership Beaverton Class of 2019 sponsored by the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce.

6th Grade Home School students.

PCC MakerLab students.

Engineers from Austria.

Sales Engineers from Tektronix Distributors in Japan.

O.S. sent us an email - "I had come by earlier today and Bob Haas gave us a really nice tour today.  Thank you for all your efforts in running this museum.  It’s was very inspirational for me as an engineer to visit it.".

Engineers from 3D Systems in Wilsonville.

Dan and Pat bring three MECOP (Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program) interns in for a tour.

J.Y. sent us an email - "Thanks for maintaining a great museum of Tektronix test equipment! Today I had a nice time talking to the two gentlemen walking around with my son and I and showing us the front as well as the back. I recalled my time working at Tek for 20 years mostly designing printed circuit boards at several divisions on products like oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, TV test generators, and others."

Bruce and Pat gave a tour to designers from Future Fonts and Rumors.

Some of the group of Danaher HR professionals, including the visiting HR Director for Japan/Korea.

Tektronix Acquisition Team.

Professor Masayoshi Yamamota from Nagoya University (center) accompanied by Koichi Sega, Tektronix Japan, and Bob Haas, vintageTEK Chairman.

Keithley Employees (wearing their Innovation Summit Showcase shirts).

Museum founder Stan Griffiths (right) tours with Hattendorfs, long time out-of-town friends.

Dennis and Dolores Winningstad visited the museum for a tour and an first-hand look of Norm's contributions to the company. More information is on the Norm Winningstad, Information Display Division, and Type N Sampling plug-in pages.

International employees from Gilbarco.

Individuals from Compass Career Solutions.

Students and teacher from Faith Bible Christian School along with Don Delzer from Tektronix.

Romaine Walling and Linda Campbell. Romaine is the widow of Ken Walling who was the 7th employee of Tektronix and ran the printing department.

PCC EET (Electronic Engineering Technology) students.

Ed Goldstick, a Boeing Engineer, came down from Seattle with his uncle and enjoyed a tour and some fun on the guitar and theremin.

Seniors from Neighborhood House (apparently she liked the Emmy).

The IEEE Oregon Consultants Network, a chapter of the  IEEE Consultants Network toured, ate dinner, and attended their meeting at the museum.

Visitors from Full Life toured and enjoyed the museum.

Visitors from Grady Britton Marketing Agency and marketing interns.

Visitors from Tektronix CSO Sales (Component Solutions Organization).

Visitors from Tektronix Americas Sales.

Some of the visitors from Tektronix Field Marketing. K.S. later sent us this email - "Thank you so much for showing us around the Tek Museum—safe to say, we are all enthralled. On the marketing side, it got the juices flowing too. Most importantly, we all have a newfound appreciation and respect for the brand and company. What a journey."

While not a tour, we were left this nice feedback on our eBay store - "'vintageTEK' is a group dedicated to the preservation of exemplary engineering, manufacturing and educational work performed by Tektronix. I lived in this time, chose Tek scopes for technicians given the reasons above. I applaud this organization because they are looking back to help young developing future engineers, hobbyists, techs to see what has been done to help guide them & inspire them to explore ways to imagine solutions to future problems. Please support vintageTEK. Thank you!"