We provide tours on request, many of which are on closed days.  Here are some photos from various tours

Tektronix Sales training - June 13, 2018

Leadership Beaverton Class of 2019 sponsored by the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce - October 11, 2018

6th Grade Home School students - October 18, 2018

PCC MakerLab students - November 2, 2018

Engineers from Austria - January 31, 2019

Sales Engineers from Tektronix Distributors in Japan - February 1, 2019

O.S sent us an email: "I had come by earlier today and Bob Haas gave us a really nice tour today.  Thank you for all your efforts in running this museum.  It’s was very inspirational for me as an engineer to visit it." - February 2, 2019

Engineers from 3D Systems in Wilsonville - February 8, 2019