Employees were often featured in various Tektronix publications including TekTalk and TekWeek.  Click on the links below to read more about Tektronix employees

1954 Anniversaries

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Engineer V, Chief Engineers, and Tektronix Fellows

Engineering Groups, Awards, and Recognition

Featured Articles on Immigrants at Tektronix

Field Admins

Sales Masters

Don Alvey

Jean Auel

Roy Barker

Milt Bave

Logan Belleville

Marvin Blocker

Genevieve Brink

David Brown

George Burton

Phil Crosby

W. K 'Dal' Dallas

Bob Davis

Jean Delord

Walt Durham

Don Ellis

John Ferrara (aka John Morris)

Mingo Figueroa

John Gates

Barrie Gilbert

Ray Goolsbey

Stan Griffiths

Marge Guthrie

Ana Haas

Fred Hart

Emilio Hernandez

Linda Hirschy

Julianna Horvath

Bill Idzerda

Robert Jaquiss

Murlan Kaufman

Pete Keller

Deane Kidd

Bela Kirchberger and Paul Zergenyi

Virginia Levens

Tom Long

Ernst Massey

Glenn and Evelyn Mathewson

Norberto Mazzoni

Paul McCracken

Jerry McTeague

Gale Morris

Cliff and MariLe Moulton

Jack Murdock

Jack Nelson

Bob Newberry

Conrad Odenthal, David Allen, and Dick Compton

Dick Pooley

Arnold Rantala

Jon Reed

Charlie Rhodes

Ron Robinder

Dick Ropiquet

Chester Schink

Paul Shefchek

John Simmons

Homer Speer

Peter Staric

Larry Sutter

Ali Tabatabai

Miles Tippery

Jim Towne

Don Tucker

Joe Varadi

Howard Vollum in WWII and Howard Vollum at Tektronix

Jean Vollum

Dorothy Voss

Bill Walker

Bill Webber

Dave Williams

Connie Wilson

Norm Winningstad


This November 10, 1955 TekTalk features new hires in the past 5 months.


This September 28, 1973 TekWeek features a group of 20 year LOS women having an informal reunion.  Click on the image to view the PDF.