There are a number of films by various companies highlighting some aspect of their research, development, manufacturing, service, or operations. While these films emphasize their contribution and success, they also highlight the equipment that enabled their success and Tektronix instruments feature prominently.

This page highlights some of these films with links to the videos which are not hosted on this website.


This Success Story: Ampex film features a Tektronix 532 used to display the narrator's voice.

This Germany's Insane Hover Jet Transport: The Do 31 Story film features a Type 502 Dual Beam oscilloscope.

This 1978 Bell Labs film Telephone Office Planning and Engineering System features a 4014 DVST graphic terminal.

This scene later in the film shows a full graphics setup consisting of a 4631 hard copy, a 4014 DVST graphic terminal, a 4952 joystick, and a 4921 flexible disc memory.

This 1965 Bell Systems Electronic Switching System Central Office Debut features a Tektronix 536 oscilloscope with two Type G plug-ins on a Type 200 scope-mobile.

This 1982 AT&T film UNIX: Making Computers Easier To Use features another 4014 DVST graphic terminal.

This AT&T film Yellow Pages by Computer Graphics features a 4012 DVST graphic terminal.

This AT&T film The UNIX Operating System again features a 4014 DVST graphic terminal.

This AT&T film Microprocessor for the Information Age features design screenshots from a 4014 DVST graphic terminal.

This 1980 Bell Labs film Invention of the First Electrical Digital Computer features a 4014 DVST graphic terminal.

It also features a 4601 Hard Copy and 611 Storage Display.


This 1965 Western Electric ESS (Electronic Switching System) Manufacturing Processes features the Type 567 oscilloscope with the 6R1 plug-in.

This 1962 AT&T Archive:Telstar! film features a Type RM661 oscilloscope near the end.

Let us know when you spot another Tektronix-enabled customer success film.