Two images stand out in representing Tektronix and its legacy.  One is the "Tek Bug" which first used a round CRT and was later updated to a rectangular CRT as shown on this front panel logo.

The other image is the "Wizard" which was shown on the vertical amplifier schematic in the 454 manual because this fast circuitry was magical.

The Wizard was also listed in the parts list.


The museum sells an oscilloscope demonstration board on our eBay store which has gone through several different iterations and enhancements. This page describes the latest version.

This is a small PCB for which you have to supply +5V, two switches for the menu selection, and two 10K linear potentiometers if you want to play table tennis.


A menu selects the operating mode.


These are the four images it will display.


This is the screen of the interactive 2 person table tennis.


The schematic for wiring up your controls and power is pretty straightforward,


Here are some enthusiastic kids playing tennis at the museum on a 465 oscilloscope.


Alan Wolke on his w2aew YouTube Channel uses the demonstrator board to compare differences in XY mode on analog and digital oscilloscopes.


In fact, this demonstrator board looks great even on a competitor's scope as shown in this photo sent to the museum by a happy customer.


Check our eBay store for availability as we sell out of these boards fairly quickly. Specific details for our demonstration board are included in the listing.

July 2022 Update - due to the electronics parts shortage, we are unable to currently find parts to build more boards. As such we have none for sale. We don't see a near term solution but continue to check for parts. Watch our eBay store for availability.