Miles Tippery was one of the four founders of Tektronix.  Jack Murdock met Miles in the Coast Guard and after the war Jack Murdock, Howard Vollum, Miles Tippery, and Glen McDowell decided to form a company together to develop and produce a superior oscilloscope.

Miles wrote an autobiography of his life and donated a portion to the museum which we have reprinted as a 326 page book "My Years At Tektronix 1946-1953".  This book is available on our eBay store.

It is different from the 40th anniversary book in that this is his personal perspective of the early years and his, Jack's and Howard's contribution to the company. Miles assumed the role of operations manager dealing with procurement, manufacturing, and operations and describes the challenges and accomplishments of surviving first with no revenue and then the significant growth once the 511 was released. Since this is part of his autobiography, his story includes a detailed description of life in the post-war Portland and the Pacific Northwest at large where he built his own house and struggled with the challenges of raising a family.


This August 1952 TekTalk  provides some insight into his background and personal interests.  Click on the image to view the PDF.


This May 1953 TekTalk describes Miles' recent attendance at a recruitment convention.  What is interesting is the graph of Tektronix employment from 1946 to 1953.


Miles left Tektronix in 1953 due to health issues and moved to Orcas Island.  This May 23, 1986 TekWeek article features a visit by Miles and his wife Nellie to the open house at the Seattle Field Office.


Miles died in 1995 at age 78.  This May 4, 1995 Oregonian obituary profiles his life.  Click on the image to view the PDF.