Delayed Timebase Operation with a 485

Basic 1X-10X Probe Tutorial (using Heathkit and 2465)

AC/DC Coupling Tutorial (465B and 485)

Triggering Controls Tutorial (using 465B and 2465)

How to View Two Signals of Very Different Frequencies

How to View Two Signals of Similar Frequencies

Infrequent Glitch Capture (or not) on Various Scopes

Analog Oscilloscope Bandwidth Considerations


Alan Wolke, the author of these videos, is a Field Applications Engineer for Tektronix - a position he's held since 2006. Prior to joining Tektronix, he worked as an Analog Design Engineer, Applications Engineer, and Validation / Characterization Engineer for various companies, in fields ranging from high speed fiber-optics to hard-disk drive circuits. Alan's interest in electronics and instrumentation began in the late 1970's in High School, where he earned his first Amateur Radio license and worked part-time in a TV repair shop. Alan currently holds an Extra Class amateur radio license (W2AEW), and still enjoys tinkering with circuits and instrumentation in his basement lab.