This Type 564 Storage Scope was introduced in 1963. It has two unique plug-ins, the Type 3A5 Amplifier and the Type 3B5 Time Base which were introduced in 1966.

These two plug-ins interface to the Type 263 Programmer, also introduced in 1966, which has six presets.  These presets were designed to automate different scope settings such as used in a manufacturing test environment.

When the Programmer is Off the scope can be used in Seek mode where it will autoset the horizontal and vertical automatically which is shown in the top photo.

The display is quite interesting.  This is pre-digital displays so Tek designed their own rear-lit panels with the digits 5120 and a decimal point.  The amplifier has K, m, and V prefixes for voltage and the words AC, DC, WITH PROBE, UNCAL, and DIV.  The Time Base has u, m, and S prefixes and the words MAG'D, SWP, NOT TRIG'D, UNCAL, and DIV.  Innovative for the era.

Note that the horizontal and vertical position controls are thumb wheels instead of knobs.  Later this style of thumb wheels would be used for graphic input (GIN) in the 4010 family of Graphics Terminals.