Donations of Tektronix Products

The vintageTEK museum may accept donations of all Tektronix related materials and products depending on our need.  This includes instruments, documentation, videos and films, memorabilia, and parts.  The museum may also accept donations of electronic parts depending upon our need and non-Tektronix products if they can be refurbished and sold.  Donated items become the property of the vintageTEK museum and may restored to be displayed in the museum, sold to raise funds for the museum, used for parts to restore other products, or recycled.

Wish List

The museum is looking for donations of the following equipment: Any DVST graphic terminals.  We especially are looking for a T4002 or T4002A, 4006, 4012, and 4014.

Donate to Support vintageTEK’s Future is a charitable, educational and scientific museum founded to commemorate the early history of Tektronix, Inc (1945 to 1985) and its role in spawning approximately 300 high technology companies in the Silicon Forest. *

Our true legacy will be measured by our success in developing lasting educational programs to middle school students, providing a venue for technologists to meet, mentor students, and share the history of the Silicon Forest.

Your donations, and encouragement to the corporations that represent both the Silicon Forest, and the customers of these companies, will help us attain our goals:

  • Share our knowledge of history and resources to “pique the interest of young people in science and technology”, and to challenge them to become the technologists of the next millennium.
  • Provide a scholarship based training program using vintageTEK Museum volunteers, facilities, and equipment to teach science and technology subjects to middle school students.
  • Raising funds to acquire some land and a building as a permanent location to house our collections, library, and meeting spaces for technologists.
  • Raise money to fund a  chair in Analog Design at a major Oregon University


All donations are 100% tax-deductible, VintageTEK org is a charity501(c)(3)**

Thank you for your generous consideration - The vintageTEK Board

We use PayPal to process donations. You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation. PayPal accepts Visa, Master Card, Amex and Discover credit cards.

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* The four county, two state metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon.   **Our IRS Determination Letter as a Public Charity, can be viewed here