We have all experienced a number of mis-spellings of Tektronix.  Stan Griffiths, Tek Sales Engineer and museum co-founder, kept a list of the spellings he had experienced over his years at Tektronix.

  • Textronix
  • Textronic
  • Textronics
  • Textronik
  • Techtronic
  • Techtronics
  • Techtronix
  • Techtronik
  • Tektronic
  • Tektronics
  • Tektronik


The mail room used to keep a list of mis-spellings also.  Although we don't have that list, one retiree remembers the most humorous as being "Teeter Bonics".

If you have seen other mis-spellings send them to us at the museum and we will add them to this page.