Managing Director Museum STEM  Academy

The vintageTEK Museum in Portland, OR would like to open the nomination process for a Managing Director of a Saturday academy for what is being referred to internally by various names, from the vintageTEK STEM Academy, EE Academy, to the vintageTEK Museum - Academy of Engineering . The purpose is to begin advising middle schoolers and high schoolers to become future EE's, with particular emphasis on EE preparation, with coaching provided by engineers with lifetime experiences in designing world-class electrinics circuitry

Academy student candidates will be selected from those eager to major in EE or related scientific disciplines for their their careers.

Following the tradition of early Tektronix Engineering Managers, who held classes to train future EE's and scientists on weekends and evenings from our local schools,  the academy will provide coaching for selection of online courses, curriculum advice, and tablets or laptops for their online studies and communication with their advisors.

The Managing Director is a volunteer position, and will require an experienced EE, Physicist, Scientist, Chemist or a related discipline, willing to define a Strategy and Implementation Plan that defines a curriculum, it's duration, level of certification, and integration with High School and University level programs.

Nominations for this position are being accepted now.

Nominations should be submitted to Ed Sinclair

Ed Sinclair  503-209-5894


Social Media Director for website

vintageTEK Museum is soliciting volunteers for social media "savvy"  individuals to assist us in positioning our efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc

A few weeks ago, I signed up for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and do not have the training to figure out how to operate these media. I do know that several important audiences have signed up to follow vintageTEK on twitter, along with individuals whom we do not want to disappoint. In addition, we have received several hundred "referrals" to our website from facebook, which are also important to our building traffic to the site.

This is a volunteer position and requires someone who knows how to set up our "page", and communicate with our followers. I have arranged to set up a WordPress plug-in S2Member that allows "membership" on the vintageTEK website, and a mechanism for website users to "subscribe" to our blog posts. I have no idea if this is extensible to social media as well.

Ed Sinclair  503-209-5894


 Museum and Web Store Manager

The brick and mortar museum in Portland has received many oscilloscope donations, far too many to ever display, and would like to promote some of these items for sale to nationwide buyers utilizing eBay and other web services.

In addition, we have established a web store (currently unannounced) using Zen Cart software on our website, and have identified about 35 items: books, DVD's, CD's of Technical Concept Books, etc that we are currently offering in the physical store and that we would like to promote using web services to expand our market nationwide. In addition, the website infrastructure to accept payments via PayPal is currently operational.

The store manager will be responsible for used instrument and product sales, promotion, inventory, and record keeping of items we will choose to sell in the future.

Send an email, or phone me to let me know of your interest in this volunteer position located in Portland, OR. We will consider splitting the Web Store Management piece to a remotely located individual, but the inventory, packaging, and shipment must be in Portland at the museum.

Ed Sinclair  503-209-5894