This 105 page booklet was produced in 1995 commemorating the 30th anniversary of Sony/Tek.  The number of Sony/Tek employees peaked in 1988 with a total of about 950.  About 400 worked in the Shinagawa facility, about another 400 at the Gotemba plant, and the remainder of approximately 150 employees worked in the 13 field offices around Japan.

This booklet contains 1328 employees and ex-employees and 202 Tektronix employees who visited Sony/Tek.  Due to the large size of the booklet it has been divided into 6 sections.


  • Section 1 Pages 1-19: Sony/Tek headquarter, plant, and summary of 30 years
  • Section 2 Pages 20-39: Summary of 30 years continued
  • Section 3 Pages 40-61: 1st to 10th year
  • Section 4 Pages 62-85: 11th to 20th year
  • Section 5 Pages 86-105: 21st to 30th year
  • Section 6 Pages 106-136: Directors, major advertisements, and employee list


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