The 7250 Transient Digitizing Oscilloscope represents the peak bandwidth achieved by an analog oscilloscope at 6 GHz. It uses a scan converter CRT to acquire and digitize the incoming signal. This monster of an oscilloscope weighs in at 132 pounds and is 36 inches deep. It requires a pre-trigger of 50 nS or an optional delay line in order to view the signal. It was designed, manufactured, and sold by Intertechnique of France as the IN7000. Tektronix rebranded and introduced it in 1986.

The front handles are being restored so are missing in these photos.


The input is a 50 ohm BNC on the rear which loops through the instrument with about a 2 dB loss.

The circuit cards insert from both the front and the rear.


The top cover has been removed but you still can see large amounts of metal shielding in this instrument. It has two handles on each side so must be portable.


The CRT is driven directly with no vertical amplifier similar to the 519. Likewise each CRT is characterized for performance.


We have a 7250 Marketing video on our Video Gallery.

We also have these two short videos of the 7250 during restoration.


The generator was likely sweeping which would explain the varying signal display.


This catalog excerpt for the 7250 describes its key features. Click on the image to view the PDF.