On September 30, 1997, Tektronix acquired Siemens' Communications Test Equipment GmbH (CTE), a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens based in Berlin, Germany, for approximately $46.6 million.  They became the Mobile Protocol Test (MPT) group.

In February of 1998 Tektronix broaden the product offering for the mobile communications test market with the acquisition of Necsy Network Control Systems (Necsy), S.p.A., locatedin Padova, Italy.  Necsy designed monitoring systems to measure voice, data, and fax transmission quality for fixed and mobile networks.   Necsys consisted of approximately 120 employees who remained in the existing facilities in Italy.  They were organized as part of MPT

In late 2000 Tektronix acquired the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) approved protocol analyzer product from Digianswer, a subsidiary of Motorola based in Nibe, Denmark. This was a technology and product acquisition to broaden the communications and networking test and measurement product mix.

On September 30th Tektronix acquired Inet Technologies based in Richardson, Texas, for $325M to further expand its product and technology mix.  Inet consisted of about 500 employees.

These groups, along with the Wireless Field Test group in Beaverton were organized as the Communications Group under Scott Bausbach, and later by Rich McBee in 2005.  When Danaher acquired Tektronix in October of 2007 the Communications Group was organized separately as the Tektronix Communications business which was later divested in 2014 to NetScout Systems.


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