Bill walker joined Tektronix in 1958 as an engineer and rose through the management chain.


The Fall/Winter 1965 issue of TekTalk featured interviews with four key employees including Bill Walker on the electronics revolution.

This July 29, 1966 TekWeek features Bill's visit to the Soviet Union for an International Electrotechnical Commission conference. Click on the image to view the PDF.


This January 5, 1968 TekWeek article features Bill Walker.


These two October 11, 1968 TekWeek articles feature Bill Walker and the 1968 UGN campaign. UGN was United Good Neighbors which later was renamed United Way.


This undated 1968 TekWeek also Features Bill Walker and the UGN campaign.


This undated 1968 photo features Bill receiving the past chairman pin from IEEE.


This August 20, 1971 TekWeek features Bill Walker in the 1968 WESCON booth.


This October 15, 1971 TekWeek features a transcript of a talk Bill gave on engineering. Click on the image to view the PDF.


This March 23, 1973 TekWeek features Bill Walker and Hiro Moriyasu at the press conference for the P7001.


This September 27, 1974 TekWeek features Bill speaking at the annual shareholder's meeting.


This September 26, 1975 TekWeek features Bill Walker at the annual Shareholder's meeting.


This November 1975 Engineering News article features Bill Walker discussing the new divisionalized structure for Tektronix.


This 1978 organization chart shows the Test & Measurement group's divisional structure under Bill. Click on the image to view the PDF.


This January 26, 1979 TekWeek announces Bill being named Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Office.


This 1981 TekWeek organizational chart shows the company's operations structure under Bill.


This August 21, 1981 TekWeek article features Executive VP Bill Walker speaking at an Area Rep meeting.


This November 2, 1981 Oregonian article features insight into Bill Walker and his perspective on management. Click on the image to view the PDF.


This July 22, 1983 TekWeek article features Bill Walker on emerging from the recession. Click on the image to view the PDF.


This December 4, 1981 TekWeek article features Bill Walker.


This April 6, 1984 TekWeek features Bill's talk at an Area Rep meeting on the computer revolution.


This July 27, 1984 TekWeek announces Bill is leaving Tektronix to to be President of ESI.


Bill Walker served as interim Tektronix President and Chief Operating Officer following the resignation of  Tektronix President Dave Friedley on April 20, 1990. This April 27, 1990 TekWeek announces the various management changes.


These three open letters from Bill Walker appeared in the May 18, May 25, and June 15, 1990 issues of TekWeek. Click on the image to view the PDF.


This unknown photo shows Bill Walker along with Charlie Rhodes, Tom Long, and Earl Wantland seated.


These three photos of Bill come from the scrapbook of Helen Fried.