Connie Wilson was an engineer in CRT.  Peter Keller, a former Tek engineer who wrote an encyclopedic review of CRT technology, mentions how he very much admired the T5470 electron spot quality, especially compared to competing HP CRTs of the time.  Connie was the designer of that CRT.  (Peter Keller, The Cathode-Ray Tube: Technology, History and Applications Palisades Press, 1992, p. 114.)

Tektronix in 2018 established the annual "Connie Wilson Award" to recognize those women within Tektronix who raise the bar in engineering. This March 5, 1965 TekWeek highlights Connie in an Oregonian article as a female engineer.


This The Oregonian February 22, 1965 article mentions Connie Wilson as part of their women engineers story. Click on the image to view the PDF.


This Fall 1966 TekTalk issue features Connie Wilson.

This January 20, 1967 TekWeek article features Connie playing basketball.

This September 27, 1974 TekWeek article features a recognition for Connie.

Connie passed away on July 23, 1986.