Stan Griffiths and Bill DenBeste had a Tektronix related site that is no longer active.  Among other reference items it included a CRT database. That database is not available but most of the information is contained in the Replaceable Parts Registry (RPR) for 154- Electron Tubes.

The 154- prefix was used for all vacuum tubes including CRTs. The RPR lists for each part number what instruments that part was used in.  Our RPR is dated 1986 and is hosted on TekWiki.

Tektronix RPR for 154- Vacuum Tubes including CRTs (PDF)

The RPR will tell you what donor instruments you may find a replacement CRT from but you need to know the 9 digit CRT part number which can be found in the instrument service manual.

This 1976 Cathode-Ray Tubes Index lists both CRT part number to instrument and instrument to CRT part number.  Click on the image to view the PDF.


The 1976 Cathode-Ray Tubes Index lists up to part number 154-0761-01. The 154- RPR has part numbers up to 154-0912-00.  This abridged 154- Vacuum Tubes RPR contains part numbers starting with 154-0762-00.  Click on the image to view the PDF.


While not a database, these two documents contain all the reference information for CRT to instrument, and instrument to CRT.