In the late 1950s when Tektronix expanded its operations to Guernsey and Heerneveen, many of the employees in Beaverton knew little about Europe.  Tektronix chartered Harry Sellers to establish the UK Sales Operation which he did in Harpenden, a town in the county of Hertfordshire, England.

Harpenden was known as "Beaverton House" and indeed that is what the signage says.


This ad for the Tek 31 Calculator is from Tek U.K. Ltd. Harpenden.

These two memos are dated from 1972 and are both satirical and lyrical.  If you know of more information about these Harpenden memos please contact the museum.

This first IOC (Inter-Office Communication) dated February 15, 1972 is from John Schmid in Harpenden and is about the format of dates. Click on the images to view the PDF.

This second IOC dated February 23, 1972 is from the Product Reference Group replying to his request for changing date format. Click on the images to view the PDF.


This November 1980 Tek Times article features President Earl Wantland visiting Harpenden.