John Gates worked for Hickok and was associated with the clone oscilloscopes.  In 1960 he took a job with Tektronix and worked on the 82 dual-trace plug-in, the 81A plug-in, and the 581 and 585 oscilloscopes.  He designed the 82, 84, and 86 plug-ins as well as the vertical amplifier for the 545B.  I also worked in John Kobbe's Advanced Instrument Design group on future concepts.

This photo of John is from the Photo Album.


In May of 1965 he was responsible for the first Sony/Tektronix development project, the design of the 323 mini-oscilloscope. This Summer/Fall 1968 TekTalk describes his contributions to Sony/Tek and the development of the 323 mini-oscilloscope. Click on the image to view the PDF.