The Phaser 340 was introduced in 1995 and significantly increased print speeds and color quality.  The print engine featured a page-wide print head, offset drum and transfer roller.  The  ink jet nozzles are distributed across the page wide print drum and the print head is displaced twice the distance between nozzles for interlacing to improve resolution.  The ink is first printing on an aluminum drum coated with silicon oil and then transferred to the paper.

PC Computing and PC Magazine both recognized the Phaser 340 with awards.  This December 8, 1995 TekWeek describes the industry recognition.  Click on the image to view the PDF.

The museum has a very unique Phaser 340 on display.  Jim Rise was the project manager and took a sabbatical at the end of the project.  This is an early production 340 which is signed by members of the design team wishing him well.


Come in to visit the museum and find your signature on this unique product.


This paper on the technology of the 340 was written by Ron Adams.  Click on the image to view the PDF.