We have a number of Sony/Tektronix products on display at the museum.  As you can see by these products, Sony/Tek focused on small portable instruments.  This Sony/Tek 335 35 MHz dual trace oscilloscope was a very popular instrument.

This exhibit is a combination of two products, the Tektronix 1401 Spectrum Analyzer and the Sony/Tek 323 4 MHz single channel oscilloscope.  It is a great portable spectrum analyzer configuration and the NiCd batteries in the 323 are often still functional!

This CRT used in the 323 oscilloscope was most likely manufactured by Sony.

In May of 1965 John Gates was assigned responsibility for the first Sony/Tektronix development project, the design of the 323 mini-oscilloscope. This Summer/Fall 1968 TekTalk describes his contributions to Sony/Tek and the development of the 323 mini-oscilloscope. Click on the image to view the PDF.


We also have several Sony/Tek logic analyzers.  This 308 logic analyzer featured 8 channel capability at 20 MHz clock with parallel timing, parallel state, serial and signature analysis modes.

This 318  features 16 channel capability at 50 MHz clock with 256 words of memory.