For the 40th anniversary, Tektronix hired Marshall Lee, a Pacific University professor to research and write-up the history of the company.  This May 18, 1984 TekWeek article describes his role and approach.  Click on the image to view the PDF.

This March 31, 1986 TekWeek article describes a presentation by Marshall Lee on the history of Tektronix.  Click on the image to view the PDF.

This 40th Anniversary poster was created with a clay sculpture created by the Will Vinton Studios and we have a copy on display at the museum.


The museum also has on display the original clay model.  Kyle from Castle Animation cleaned and restored our model.


It's looking good after 35 years. Thanks Kyle.

Kyle was also gracious enough to create for us this 75th animation.


The museum also sells limited copies of the original printed book or a PDF with a full index on CD on our eBay store.