This article is from the August 9, 1956 issue of The Valley News describing the 313 acre purchase of land in Beaverton.  The article describes how the retirement trust organization purchased the land and describes the two profit sharing programs for employees.  Click on the image to view the PDF.  Alas, we do not have the continuation of the article on page 5.

This participants statement for the profit sharing retirement trust from 1959 describes their investments including the Beaverton land.  Click on the image to view the PDF.


This article is from the June 1957 issue of TekTalk describing the construction of the first manufacturing buildings on the Beaverton Campus.  Click on the image to open up a PDF which you can zoom to read.


This May 10, 1981 TekWeek features property adjacent to the Beaverton campus that was never developed.


More information on Beaverton can be found on our Beaverton History page.