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  1. when articles like this appear, it is important to scan them for your archives, as the newspapers are no longer maintaining their own materials. e.g. the link is dead…

  2. I worked with TEK scopes from 1970-1974 — all analog and internal works of art — like the 555, and the 519. I am dismayed to find out how many wonderful engineers like Jim Williams are no longer with us…
    How is this technologic history that birthed the digital computer, the Apollo program, etc going to be kept alive without active renewal of information, parts replacement, etc, etc?
    I would like to be reassured that access to this golden era should not just be limited to your museuem, or Ebay, but should also include blogs by Tek restoration enthusiasts, such as myself. Where are these blogs, or are they all inactive? Jim Flick Phd Astrophysics (Princeton 1974)