The first scope cart was the Type 500 designed for the 517 oscilloscope which had an external power supply.  We have a Type 500A Scope-mobile display at the museum with a 541 oscilloscope.


Here is an interesting dual version of the Type 500A Scope-mobile


This TekTalk July 1953 issue discusses the first Scope-mobile.

Gale Morris was hired in 1958 and asked to do a new Scope-mobile design and came up with the Type 200.  We have a number of Type 200 Scope-mobiles on display at the museum including this one with a Type 7704 oscilloscope.  There is additional information of the 200 Scope-mobile on the Gale Morris employee page.


Howard Vollum is shown here along with a Scope-mobile at Wescon in the mid 1960s.


These are a number of publicity photos for the various Scope-mobiles.


This June 8, 1984 TekWeek article describes the K117 Instrument Shuttle.  Click on the image to view the PDF.