ServiceScope was a Tektronix publication for users of Tektronix oscilloscopes.  It had a feature story, service notes, updates and modifications, and used oscilloscopes for sale.  Click on the images to view the PDFs.

February 1963 Introduction To Operational Amplifiers


February 1964 Current Measuring Techniques


June 1964 Frequency Comparisons Using Roulette Patterns


August 1964 The Cathode Follower


December 1964 Simplifying Transistor Linear-Amplifier Analysis


February 1965 Some Basic Sampling Concepts Reviewed


April 1965 Getting Acquainted With Spectrum Analyzers. This issue has some amazing artwork and cartoons.


October 1965 Introduction To Oscilloscope Differential Amplifiers


December 1965 The Fatal Current


February 1966 Field Effect Transistors


April 1966 The Storage Oscilloscope


August 1966 Tunnel Diode Switching Circuits and the Back Diode


October 1966 Understanding And Using Thevenin's Theorem


February 1966 A Practical Approach To Transistor and Vacuum Tube Amplifiers


October 1968 State of the Art in Sampling