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A Type 561B oscilloscopes appears at 40:58 in Eureka, Season 4, Episode 9, I'll Be Seeing You which aired in 2010. The plug-ins are possibly a 3A1 or 3A6 and 2B67 time base.

A few seconds later at 41:09 a 465/475 can be seen.

The Americans is an American spy thriller series that premiered in 2013. In season 2 (2014) Episode 10 these scenes appear at 45 minutes showing a Tektronix 1502 Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR).

In 2015, Season 9 Episode 10 of The Big Bang Theory showed two Tektronix products.  Wolowitz is seen working on this Tektronix 3S2 Dual Trace Sampling plug-in.

This Tektronix 1A4 Quad Input plug-in is seen on a shelf in Koothrapali's place.

The 2016 film Ghostbusters has several Tektronix products.  These two scenes show a TDS220 in the lab.

Also in the lab on the table to the right we believe is a 7623A oscilloscope and on the cart is the rear of a letter series plugin.

It also appears as a partial side view in this scene.

This Type 551 dual beam oscilloscope appears in the Ghostbusters All Trailer and Clips (2016) but we cannot find this scene in the movie.  Let us know if you find it.

A 500 series oscilloscope and cart appear in the 2016 movie Hidden Figures about the early days of NASA.  A 500 series oscilloscope would be correct for this time era.  We believe this to be a Type 545B with a G plug-in.  This scene appear at about 59 minutes in the movie showing the oscilloscope in the computer room.

This scene shows a cable connected to the External Trigger input which was a typical setup when viewing computer data or address lines.

This vintageTEk video shows this scene using the 545 oscilloscope.

In 2017, Season 11 Episode 17 of The Big Bang Theory shows two Tektronix 434 oscilloscopes.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a web TV series that premiered in 2017 on Prime Video. Season 3 Episode 7 features this 1957/58 Tektronix 524AD oscilloscope in a radio station control room.

In 2018, Season 12 Episode 14 of The Big Bang Theory shows a 465 or 475 oscilloscope.

This 555 dual beam oscilloscope appears at about 80 minutes in the 2018 movie A Quiet Place.  The horizontal plug-ins are Type 22.  The left vertical plug-in appears to be a Type D.  The right vertical plug-in is the Type O operational amplifier.  The scope-mobile has a Type K plug-in on the left and a Type H on the right.

The June 2018 Public Broadcasting System (PBS) program Nature featured a TDS 2024C oscilloscope in the Sex, Lies and Butterflies episode.  The TDS 2024C is a portable oscilloscope that has been rack mounted and is used to visualize the return signal from a radar system employed tracking migrating Painted Lady butterflies.  We can’t resist pointing out that during WWII Howard Vollum twice received the prestigious Legion of Merit Award for his work on optimizing radar oscilloscopes in England and the United States.  Radar was probably the most important use of scopes in the war for targeting weapons and defense.  And now it’s following butterflies.

The 2018 movie Mortal Engines features a 465/475 portable oscilloscope at 11 minutes 40 seconds on the middle shelf to the right.

This scene from the 2019 Avengers: Endgame features a Tektronix 2336 oscilloscope on a Type 200 series Scope-Mobile. Without giving away the plot, this oscilloscope appears 12 years before it was introduced.

The 2019 movie Armstrong features this RM545 oscilloscope with a CA plug-in.


This 2021 Korean movie Space Sweepers scene shows a TLA5204 Logic Analyzer. Its nice to know that it's still running fine in the year 2092.

Apparently this TLA5204 logic analyzer has the "DNA" option installed.

This 2021 Season 8 Endeavour Episode 1 Striker scene features a R521 PAL Vectorscope in the rack.

This scene features a pair of 529 Waveform Monitors.

The 2021 season 4 episode 10 of Young Sheldon features a Type 502A oscilloscope on a 200 series Scope-Mobile in several scenes. The 502A oscilloscope does not take plug-ins but there is a Type CA plug-in on the left and a Type D plug-in on the right in the Scope-Mobile.

The 2021 season 1 Resident Alien episode 7 features a 2400 series oscilloscope in this scene.

The 2021 season 3  Formula 1:Drive to Survive episode 2 Back on Track features this TDS3000 series oscilloscope.

The 2021 season 1 Murder Among The Mormans episode 2 features a 611 storage monitor at 32:15. This show is a three part documentary following one of the most notable forgers in history. A 300 year old document is sent to a lab in California for cyclotron testing and this image is from the footage taken at the lab. The lab is not named but likely at the University of California, Berkeley.

The 2021 season 2 episode 6 of Beforeigners features a modern 6 Series Oscilloscope.

This sighting is a bit different. It is a Type 41A Oscilloscope that was on the German TV show Bares für Rares (cash for rares). No one really knew much about it so it sold for 100€. Bares für Rares has been on with over 1000 episodes since 2013 so we don't know the year or episode.

If you know of any other shows or movies featuring Tektronix products let us know and try to send in a screen capture or time.