The Type 945 was a militarized oscilloscope based on the 545 oscilloscope.  You might recall that the 545 oscilloscope was the basis of an 18 year lawsuit with the U. S. Government that Tektronix won in 1979.  Details of that suit are on our Clone Scopes page.

The museum has a 50 page document describing the militarizing of the 545 oscilloscope.  We have scanned just a few pages to provide the relevant details of the project.  Click on the image to view the PDF.


This April 28, 1961 TekWeek features a short article on the 945.

This September 22, 1961 organization chart lists the personnel in the Militarized Products Engineering group.


We also have this undated promotional photo of the 945 militarized oscilloscope.

The museum has a 945 on display.  The top and bottom rail protects the knobs and connectors and also serve as handles to lower the oscilloscope through the hatch of a submarine.  The BNC connectors all have covers and the plug-in latching mechanism is much more robust.  There is also a sealed cover that will attach to the front of the oscilloscope.

This side view shows the plug-in partially removed.

This photo of the plug-in shows the ruggedization with hold-down clamps for each of the tubes.