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Early Cathode Ray Tube Department Photos — 2 Comments

  1. Great pictures. Here are some fast answers

    2458 CRT Gun Wiring Group. I can name many of them as they worked for me. I am standing in the back and Bela Kirschberger is to my left.
    2255 is Bela Kirschberger
    2568 is Kay Conklin, a dear lady and faithful worker.
    2493 is a the Gun Wiring group again.
    5182 is a final seal operation of a T551 dual Cathode Ray Tube

    Many of the other photos are of the Bulb Mfg area.

    I can identify many of the people in the photos if you like. When I have time, I will do so. Many of those photos go back to the early sixties. And a few in the mid fifties.