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  1. Hi,

    I would love to get a copy of this book. What is the price

    is it available as a pdf or just hardcopy?

    please let me know.


    • Mitch,

      We have been authorized by Tektronix to reprint the book. All original copies were given to Tek Employees in 1986 and a number have been donated to the Museum. Our reprint will include a 2011 Index, which the book never had, and will likely sell for $50. If you want a 1986 copy, we will send with an Index as a separate printout for $50 plus shipping. Otherwise you will have to wait until 2012 when we reprint the book.

      Were you ever a Tek Employee? We published last year, another book My Years At Tektronix 1945-1953 by Miles Tippery, one of the four original co-founders that we sell for $25 pus shipping. I am loading it into our website store inventory as we speak. I am not sure when our store will be operational soon, but I tested it by buying something yesterday and it works. Getting all the photos connected to each book, CD, DVD is a lot of work…. If you want either, you can pay via Paypal or Credit Card by using the Donate Now button, and enter the exact amount and I will hand ship it so you do not have to wait.

      Ed Sinclair

    • Mitch,

      Ed Sinclair museum founder in lieu of webmaster. It is hard copy only. The Miles Tippery book My Years At Tektronix 1945-1953 is 425 + $5 shipping charge. This same lack of webmaster has prevented me from finishing the web store. We are recruiting for a web savvy store manager.

      Ed Sinclair