David was hired into Tektronix as a college graduate electrical engineer and after several design projects moved into Program Management. This photo is of the 4112 and 4114 terminal development team when Dave was Program Manager for the Option 41/42 Disk System (Dave is second row center with beard).

Dave later moved into Engineering Management and worked with Dave Cassing and Dave Coreson. In 1989 Dave, Dave, and Dave founded the Network Display Division (NWD) inside of Interactive Technologies Division (ITD) and developed families of X Terminals and Network Display Terminals. This April 1994 article describes the concurrent development environment that Dave, Dave, and Dave created to maximize quality, low cost, velocity, and responsiveness at NWD.

When Dave Coreson moved to a corporate position, Dave Brown made a career change to mange manufacturing and service for NWD. NWD later merged with Grass Valley Group and the Profile video disk recorder group to form Video and Networking Division (VND). Dave assumed responsibilities for all Oregon manufacturing.  This March 22, 1996 Tekweek article features his vision for VND Manufacturing (the article has been reformatted for appearance).

Dave Brown was promoted to Vice President of Worldwide Manufacturing and Factory Service for VND which included Oregon, Grass Valley Group, Newstar (Wisconsin), Lightworks (London), and configuration operations in Heerenveen and Australia.  After the sale of VND Dave returned to Tektronix/T&M as Vice President of Central Engineering until his retirement in 2010. He has since been a volunteer for the vintageTEK museum.