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Magnificent Grand Opening — 6 Comments

  1. Congratulations on the opening of the museum. I worked for Tektronix Guernsey in 1971 for nine years as a test technician working on 5100 and 7000 series. I joined at 18 years old and Tek provided all my training in electronics. An ex Tek friend passed on your website details and we are contacting as many ex Tek Guernsey employees so they can also share in past memories. Good luck!

  2. Hi
    I am glad to find this site it brings back many happy memories. I worked for the Guernsey company in early 1962 till late 1964 and was involved in the move from the original factory in Track lane to the new purpose built site near the airport.
    I actually found my induction photograph the other day.
    I left the company when most of the original management returned to America to be replaced by English.
    It just wasn’t the same work ethos.
    I moved on to take up a position with the local telephone company, where I worked until retirement.
    I still miss those days when you felt like one of a large family.
    Happy days
    Jerry A Bligh

    • Hi,
      My college Klaus Stockreiter asked yesterday for Judy Warren as he found her name recently. I worked for Tek from 1964 – 1990 in Austria (Sales Manager)
      Klaus Stockreiter was Sales Mgr. for Eastern Europe in the 70’s.
      I think Judy was in Order Processing in Guernsey.
      I will ask Ford Nelson, a former Tek employee who still leaves in Guernsey.
      Best Regards, Alfred

      • hi Alfred thanks for that , remember going to ford and irene to a party with judy regards chris