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Museum Grand Opening September 16, 2011 — 8 Comments

  1. Good luck on your museum venture. I would volunteer myself if I lived in the area. I repaired a lot of electronic equipment using Tektronix test gear. I had a good friend that worked at Motorola with me back in the 60’s named Ken Andrews. He left Motorola and became a Tektronix Rep for many years. I lost track of Ken many years ago. I hope he is doing well. Regards to all, Gary

  2. My dad is John Taylor jr. He started with Tek in 1948. I have several
    Company photo albums. Are you interested in
    Them? Let me know. Cheryl.

  3. Hi, I saw the article in this morning’s Oregonian. My Dad was an electrical engineer and had several of these. He would always show us them in operation and explain what they were doing. I never understood it as a kid. Dad has since passed, so I’m looking forward to visiting and maybe I can understand how these are used to troubleshoot electronics (I’m 44 now). Thanks for your efforts!