We believe the Type 945 is the only fully ruggedized military level product. At the same time the 945 and it's rackmount version were developed there was another product being built in the Militarized Products Division, the 310A Mod 601. The latter was considered by many as a militarized product, but it was not. The 310A Mod 601 had some modifications such as tube clamps that made it more rugged than the standard model. It used the same paint as the 945 and included the fan base. Only a few were sold to the Army.

We are not sure when the Modified Products group became a fully functioning single unit, but the Modified Products group worked closer with the customer and engineering to develop specific modified options that, at increased cost to the customer, provided changes / additions / deletions / etc. to make the Tektronix product better suited for or to meet specific customer applications. A significant number of the more extensive modifications were for customers who worked within the defense industry.

Some modifications included custom panels for customers like GE and others in the defense industry who bought oscilloscopes and other Tek products and integrated them into the structures of their systems. Often it was just a panel color change, but in some cases it was removal of the Tektronix logo and model numbers from the front panel and replacement with the customers logo and type / model / part number. Tektronix-specific information was usually kept inside the product or on the rear panel.

The Joint Army-Navy Nomenclature System (AN System or JAN) was a method developed by the US War Department during World War II to assign an unclassified designation to electronic equipment. In 1957, the The Joint Electronics Type Designation System (JETDS) superseded JAN and was formalized in MIL-STD-196.

Here are some Tektronix products with specific military nomenclature designations:

Type B Plug-in Mod 601 (Amplifier, Maintenance)

Type B Plug-in Mod 601 (Revision A, Amplifier Maintenance)

AN/USM-120 consisting of

945 Militarized Oscilloscope assembly

Militarized CA plugin (MC)


Front and rear covers


There was a second AN number for the 945 Oscilloscope.

AN/???-??? consisting of

945 Militarized Oscilloscope assembly

Militarized CA plugin (MC)


Front and rear covers


541A (Originally Army/Navy but now an all service-wide generic term, General Utility, Special, Maintenance)

545A (Originally Army/Navy but now an all service-wide generic term, General Utility, Special, Maintenance)

RM45A (Originally Army/Navy but now an all service-wide generic term, General Utility, Special, Maintenance)

453 and accessories (Originally Army/Navy but now an all service-wide generic term, General Utility, Special, Maintenance)

AN/USM-281C consisting of

7603N Opt 11

7A15 Opt 11 - 2 each

7B53A Opt 11



2235 Opt 01 (Originally Army/Navy but now an all service-wide generic term, General Utility, Special, Maintenance)

453 (Oscilloscope, General Utility)

475 Option 07 (Revision A, Oscilloscope, System Part,General Utility)

475 Option 04 (Revision B, Oscilloscope, System Part, General Utility)

475 Option 04 and 07 (Revision C, Oscilloscope, System Part, General Utility)

475 (General Utility)

7623A (Oscilloscope, Portable, General Utility)

7844 (Oscilloscope, Portable, General Utility)





A remote volunteer sent us this ID tag from one of his 7704A oscilloscopes. Don Tucker helped us decode the label.

80009 is the CAGE (Commercial And Government Entity) code for Tektronix. Following the CAGE code is the product nomenclature. In this case it is the Tektronix nomenclature. The purchase was likely of such low quantity for the particular buy that no military nomenclature was required or needed. Or, it was bought for use in an operating environment where mil nomenclature was not applicable, such as an AF PMEL (Air Force Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory).

The Serial No. appears to be the actual 7704A serial number. F040606 is the military designation for the particular USAF procurement agency/base/site that issued the contract. It might have been Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX, now closed and an industrial complex next to the former airstrips.

The 88 indicates the year the contract or purchase order was issued. The G means it was ordered under a Basic Ordering Agreement so there was likely a general agreement in place with the particular USAF procurement agency issuing the order.

The last 4 numerical numbers are the serial sequence of the orders issued, this was the 85th.

SA 22 indicates it is a San Antonio Air Material (SAAM) purchase. SAAM was one of several USAF facilities that were located on Kelly AFB. The 22 indicates the section within the F040606 contracting area that was responsible for the BOA (Basic Ordering Agreement).

The last line is the Federal Stock Number for the 7704A being purchased and is just a part number. 6625 is for test and measurement and similar equipment.


This is a brochure for an Oscilloscope Calibration Workstation procured by the U.S. Army under contract number DAAH01-89-D-0143.  DAAH01 is the US Army Aviation and Missile Command, Redstone Arsenal. 89 is the year the contract was let and the rest are tracking numbers. Click on the image to view the PDF.