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Richard Lincoln Ropiequet — 2 Comments

  1. Dick was so generous, gave us kids a bag of transistors (about 1958) and had a huge lab in his basement where we were fascinated by audio waveforms on his many scopes. He lived on SW75th and I had to cross the Sunset Highway on my bike to deliver his paper, not much traffic back then!

  2. The man who put the time into the time base. A superb feat of logical design, it is this more than anything that makes vintage Tektronix scopes such a joy to work with. I have noticed many times the polymath nature of people who innovate through intellectual rigour and how very often such people are musicians too. As a kid, one of my Dad’s friends at RAE farnborough (England), Freddy Green was considered the Top Circuit Man and he qualified as a pharmacist. Dick Ropietquet, I salute you!